Here are a few of the toys I have made. The little bird was a replacement for a lost shop bought bird!  She fits in the cage nicely!Woolen Bird

Also a little woolen elephant and woolen mermaid.  Woolen Mermaid

Woolen Elephant

I am in the middle of making fairy wings with a wire hanger, a pair of tights and some nice cotton material, I will post the finished product when I get there!

Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings (one completed)

Sewing Wing

These are some felt dolls with different styles of hair to attach, the dresses are made of paper as is the little suitcase.  I am making a camper van for these dolls but am not yet finished but here is my progress and I will update the finished item hopefully before summer so the dolls can go on holiday ; ) !

Felt Dolls
Felt Dolls with removable hair and paper dresses and a suitcase for storage of clothes
Camper Van 1
Camper Van top with windows
Camper Van
Camper Van Front and Back
Camper Van VW Front
Camper Van with VW Logo front
Camper Van 3
Bottom of Side of Camper Van

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